Vibrant Art with Sass

A Sumo by the name of Felipe

This is my sumo named Felipe. He lived on the shelf for several years before first traveling with me to Paris. On that trip he became a big part of how I experienced and saw the city. His point of view became mine. He helped me appreciate the little things as well as the overall experience.

Once we returned to the States, Felipe decided that he was no longer going to sit on the shelf and collect dust. He changed his whole life. He now travels with me every day, causing me to pause and appreciate the small things. He has turned a small corner of the world to a whole universe where humor, contemplation and laughter are possible. Enjoy his travels.  



It all began on the streets of Paris... 

Bit of Butter on a Baguette

One Lump or Two


Cafe Creme


A Little Butt


Bread Crumbs


Bread Crumbs II


Chain Smoker

Contemplation from the Ruins in Paris

Felipe with New Friends in Paris


Looking for a Light

Cyrus Lighting up after a Great Meal

Felipe Looking for a Smoke

To the Last Drop

Roses on a Grave


Moss on a Grave

Inside the Catacombs

In the Reflecting Pool in the Catacombs

Disembodied Under Paris

Contemplation of the Lives Before


Losing One's Head in Paris

Jean-Louis Partying in Paris

Ecstasy in Paris  

Parisian Hydrangea

Red Feather Boa

Exchange Rate 

Napoleon Complex 

On the Lawn of the Musee Rodin

Overlook from Sacre Coure

Arc de Triomphe


Fun in NYC.......


Contemplation in the Park                         

Sumo with Acorn                          

A Ride with a Bike Messenger            

Little Piggies

Meeting Ganesha                      

Through the Crystal Ball                            

Not a Bad One In the Bunch


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Bobble Head Ninjas

Bunch of Carrots

Baby Aubergine

Box of Cherries

Brussell Sprout

Felipe and the Grassy Munchkin Pumpkins

Head on Cabbage

Not-So-String Bean


Felipe and Ferdinand the Bull

Storm King Optical Illusion

Clocks and Blocks

Colombian Coffee Bean

Felipe in Warhol's Soup

Inside a Natural Wood Table at ABC Home Store