Vibrant Art with Sass

Acrylic Paintings for Kuwait

Wild Women of the West

Kuwait Show at Aspen Gallery - April 2007

I am one of 4 women artists from the Unted States that is being featured in this show. The Wild Women refer to our approach to art and our mediums.

These are just a few of the 15 works that were sent to Kuwait. They were made specifically for this event, and revolve around themes and inspirations of the Middle East. Enjoy.


Acrylic Works

Dreaming of Pink Flamingoes

Acrylic on Canvas   16 x 20

Inspired by mosaics and elaborate fabrics of the middle east.


The Midnight Dance of the Pink Flamingoes

Acrylic on Canvas   16 x 20


Kuwaite Nights

Acrylic on Canvas  16 x 20

 Inspired by the sculptural skyline of Kuwait.

The Smiling Camels  

Acrylic on Canvas  16 x 20

Inspired by the beautiful face of the camel.



Bedoiun and the Camel    11" x 14" 

Acetate Overlay with Watercolor

Kuwaite Water Towers During Construction  14" x 11"

Acetate Overlay with Watercolor

On the Road to Kuwait  11"  x 14"

Acetate Overlay with Watercolor